02 September 2010

Another noteworthy coincidence

Back in the day, I went to Germany. It was a pretty crazy time: we were thirteen 15-to-17-year-olds, awarded a scholarship to hang out in Nuremberg and Berlin for three weeks. In this time, we bonded over our inability to speak German and the ineptitude of our American chaperone. I haven't talked to these people very much over the past six years, but we're mostly friends on Facebook. Fast forward to the present day »»

Three of us thirteen live in Berlin right now. I live at 137 Sonnenallee. Angela lives at 140 Sonnenallee, just across the street. Jill lives on Richardstraße, which is two blocks south. We met up for dinner. It was pretty wild insane.

I've granted Jill access to my friends from my term abroad. She has in turn granted me access to her friends from her year abroad in Munich. This is a wonderful arrangement. And a noteworthy coincidence.

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