02 September 2010


I'm leaving for Russia early tomorrow morning. I'm limiting my access to English, because I only have 13 days there. This is an opportunity I cannot waste, because it's really hard to get a visa. So if you get a postcard from me, it will probably be in Russian. If you read my blog, it will be in Russian. Anyway, here's a practice exercise in Google Translate:

Я завтра улетаю в Москву, поэтому вам надо будет изучать русский, если вы хотите понимать то, что я буду писать. Следующее сообщение только для русских:

Канечна мои руски будит часта слигка смишным, ноо чтоо мане делоть? Биз опта он былл бы ешче хужа. : ) Спосиба, чтоо ви мане впрощлым такк памагали!


  1. Here's what Google Translate gives me:

    Tomorrow I'm flying to Moscow, so you will need to learn Russian, if you want to understand what I write. Next message only for Russian:

    Kanechna my Ruski wakes Chasta sligka smishnym, DOE chtoo mana delot? Biz wholesale he would byll eshche Huja. :) Sposiba, to surround WI mana vproschlym Tucek pamagali!

    Nice to know there's still work to be done if that's what I get assigned to, though my contact tells me "our allocations team is still finalizing your project details".

  2. I am happy to see that I was not somehow failing, hard, at Google Translate, as I received the same message as Jeremy. And I got to see their spiffy new interface with language auto-detect. Slick.