09 August 2010

Back to couchsurfing (obsessions are like that)

Guys, guys! Guys, guess what! A coincidence happened in my life! It's noteworthy!

Anyway, one time I decided Jeremy Aron-Dine had to have a beer after his 21st birthday. And we were both in Berlin. So I took him to this place in Berlin, Eschenbräu, where they brew their own beer. Because fresh beer is better. He didn't really like the beer. Not very much at all. He compared it to kale. Kale. I, on the other hand, really liked the beer and the place. The only bad thing about the place is that it is here, way up in Wedding. (I live here, which is like 100 000 miles kilometers away. Fast forward to the present day »»

Anyway, in the present day I decided to attend a couchsurfing event billed as "Authentic Pakistani rooftop barbecue." Because seriously, what human being would pass up that opportunity? I'll have an opportunity to meet some cool people (couchsurfers!), and I'll get to eat some delicious food. And I haven't a lot else going on in the evenings, because all my friends are either on vacation or studying for exams. Anyway, I decided to find out where the barbecue was. It is here. Do you recognise that? That is because it is Triftstraße 67, the exact address of Eschenbräu! Crazy coincidence!

By the way, here is a picture I took of people in Iceland. Couchsurfers.

Risk was Davíð's new obsession. We called a truce because of the late hour.


  1. I had forgotten about comparing it to kale (in terms of my reaction, not in terms of taste).

  2. Hoe dom! Bier smaakt een beetje zoals sla!

  3. Boerenkool is toch veel lekkerder dan sla. Vooral meet een stuk worst erbij. Maar het lijkt niet op bier...