06 August 2010

Yeah, um, so

Anyway, my phone actually does vibrate. Only the option is buried under several layers of menus, and is very difficult to find. There are two ways to read this:

1) People who design the menu systems of phones aren't good at their jobs. The primary goal of these people should be to make the most important options easy to find. They failed. Stupid people.

2) I'm 150 years old and can't handle technology: "What is this thing? A cell phone? Where do ya plug it in? Whaddaya mean, ya don't have to plug it in? What's going on? Let me get my glasses. Mabel, where are my glasses? Mabel!"

It's your call.


  1. I'm going with the 150... It sounds better which makes me....ouch!! I'll go with they are not very good at their jobs.

  2. It is actually 3:34 3:35PM on 8/7/10 Now I know what time it is in Berlin.