06 August 2010

I just bought a phone for 33,-€

Edit: The following story is just 100% false. Keep that in mind when you read it. The true story is in the next post.

It seems to be a perfectly good phone. Except it doesn't have a vibrate setting. This is an incredibly stupid design decision. Like, incredibly. Way to go, Samsung! I guess I get to spend a year without a vibrate setting on my phone...

No, I'm going to come back to this. Okay. An ability to vibrate is something we take for granted in a phone. When we look at what features a phone has, there isn't even a place on the form to list Vibration Ability: Yes/No. The reason that all phones can vibrate is that it's An Incredibly Valuable Feature. But now I've got this phone, the Samsung GT-E1150. So I guess that's the story. I just keep getting angrier, the more I think about it.

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  1. 1. your blog is absolutely hilarious. i need to figure out how i can get a Dustin Digest emailed to me daily...
    2. is the sculpture you have a pic of a few posts back by Steinunn Thorarinsdottir? b/c I definitely watched a documentary about her on the Boston-Reykjavik flight!
    3. apparently tungsten is one of the minerals that helps cell phones vibrate (fun fact!) The prob is that it may originate from the congo, thus fueling conflict there. Just think about that every time you lament the lack of vibration.