09 August 2010

Comments policy!

This is a blog! A blog needs a lot of things. It needs an author or authors:

The author of this blog, on his balcony.

It needs content. (You're reading that, more or less). 

Um, it needs a name. Which you can find at the top of the page. 

It needs a soul. I have actually split off a small part of my soul for this purpose.

A piece of my soul (artist rendering).

Most importantly, a blog needs a comments policy. Bloggers, according to the ancient adage, "thrive on nurturing the interaction between themselves and their readers through blog comments." But without a policy, the comments area is likely to dissolve into hopeless anarchy. Which would be intolerable. Here is my preliminary policy:

I do not censor comments. I in fact encourage comments of any kind, especially those containing ad-hominem attacks, or blatantly off-topic 2000-word anti-capitalist rants. Links are also encouraged, especially links to your own blog, or to any type of internet scam from which you earn your livelihood. Please do not confuse "its" with "it's." That really sets me off. 

Suggestions for additions to the policy should be made in the comments section.


  1. Everyone in the office just stared at me for laughing at this post and I have no way of translating to them why I find this funny. But then, it will be a Very Long Time before I can translate Dustin Humor into any language.

  2. I've finally caught up with your blog ^_^ Thank you for putting the fun in my early morning groggy cafFeine consUmptioN. (I've just officially become the lamest human being ever.)

    Your soul is quite green. Or did you just happen to break off the green part?