27 August 2010


My life is pretty much in order. I've found a place to live. My friend Daria, who is moving away for several months, is giving me most of her furniture. Thus, I am free to turn my thoughts to higher things. Mostly, that means I've been doing a lot of thinking about coffee. 

My coffee situation in the last couple weeks has been as follows:

That is to say, my coffee is hilariously larger than my coffee maker. No, that's an artifact of hunting for images on the internet. The coffee is okay, I guess, but the little coffee press above allows a fair amount of grounds to come through. Anyway, I really want to finish this coffee, so I can get something fresher and better. So every day I've been putting more and more coffee in the press, brewing progressively stronger coffee. Today, it was pretty excessive. So I'm going to also need to increase the volume of my coffee consumption. Or find someone to share with. 

Anyway, though, my new Mitbewohnerin (the British would say "flatmate," and Americans would say "roommate," I guess, but "roommate" isn't strictly accurate, so anyway I'll stick with "Mit-bewohnerin" = co-inhabitant) doesn't drink coffee. So my new place comes without any means of making coffee. This is really excellent, because that means I get to buy my own equipment. And I'm going to do it right. I deserve the best coffee, and I can afford it because of my exceptionally low rent (on which I congratulate myself daily). 

Anyway, the first thing I'll need is a grinder. I'm considering buying the Solis Typ 166. It's not cheap, but I can always sell it when I leave, or bring it with me. And I've been wanting a grinder for quite some time. The other thing I'll need is a press. This I can get for fairly cheap. I'm considering the AeroPress. The most attractive feature of the AeroPress is that it is for sale at the Coffee Museum of Berlin! I had no idea that such a place existed, but now I do have an idea, and I want to go there. Kind of a lot.

The point is that if you come visit me, I will give you excellent coffee. So that's an incentive. So come visit!

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  1. Have you considered...not drinking the coffee you don't like?